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StarShipSofa: A Great Way To Promote Your Novel

StarShipSofa: A Great Way To Promote Your Novel

You've written your novel and now face the daunting task of letting the world know about it. Where to start? While everyone knows about Smashwords and Amazon Select (and if you don't, there are articles about that here and here) I'd bet that not a lot of writers have heard of

StarShipSofa will play an audio recording of your first chapter, free of charge, all you have to do is send it to them. Here are the specs:
If you have a science fiction or fantasy or horror novel out or due out very soon –  if you can send me ten mins of narrated audio or the first chapter (whichever comes first) – we’ll play it on StarShipSofa! Similar to Scalzi’s Big Idea but in audio format.

It’s my intention to add one of these to each and every StarShipSofa show, which I’m calling First Chapters. The Sofa is released each and every week. It’s your chance for a little exposure.
So… here’s what I’m after. It can be any kind of science fiction or fantasy. It has to be an mp3, mono, 128kbps and 10mins long. I also need attached to the beginning of the narration, a couple of mins of you plugging your book – informing the Sofa listeners what will happen in the book, when the book is out, how much it is and where to buy it.

A word of warning about audio quality! Make it the best recording you can. A clean audio file is what we are after. If your mp3 file has excessive amounts of hiss or word stumbles, explosives (words beginning with P or B) paper rustling – it won’t get played.
Send all audio files to Tony C. Smith starshipsofa@gmail dot com. (StarShipSofa: First Chapters Wanted!)
Ghost Hand, Ripley Patton
Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

Thanks go out to Ripley Patton for bringing StarShipSofa to my attention. You'll recall her guest post, The Self-Validated Writer that she made here just a few days ago. I'm excited to say she has fully funded her Kickstarter project; a big thank you to any and all who contributed to that effort.

I just finished listening to Ripley narrate the first chapter of Ghost Hand (is that a cool cover or what!) on StarShipSofa and I have no hesitation in saying, if the rest of her book is anything like that, it is a must-read. Here's a direct link to the broadcast, Ripley's narration begins around 01:10:00: StarShipSofa No 251 Gene Wolfe.

For more information on Ghost Hand and when it will be released, go here: Ghost Hand Is Funded!

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