Thursday, August 9

Pinterest: A Writer's Best Friend

Kristen Lamb writes:
Pinterest is a splendid tool for word of mouth. With billions of posts a day on the Internet, we all suffer a discoverability problem. Pinterest (and sites like it) help that problem, so in my book, they ROCK. I hope I at least helped you look at Pinterest in a new way. We can take advantage of this site without a lot of the problems. And yes, it is another social site, but this one is easy and fun because who doesn’t love looking at pretty pictures?
To read Kristen's article, click here: Writers, Why It’s Time to Renew Your Love Affair with Pinterest

I love Pinterest, though I haven't spent as much time on it recently as I'd like. Too much time spent writing. ;-) I'm not complaining!

Here's my page on Pinterest, where's yours?

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