Thursday, August 2

The Lawsuit Against Harlequin In Plain English

Harlequin, Lawsuit Explained

Joe Konrath hit another home run, this time by explaining the lawsuit against Harlequin in terms anyone can understand. That make his post sound dull but I assure you it's anything but. Here's Joe's summary of his summary:
Recap in layman's terms: Harlequin assigned rights to itself, which I'm pretty sure is a no-no legally, and it licensed those rights below fair market value, which is another no-no, and then it sold ebooks on its website without having the rights to them, yet another no-no.
I highly recommend reading Joe Konrath's entire post: Harlequin Fail Revisit.

Laura Resnick also did a darn good job of explaining this and you can find that post here: The Harlequin Class Action Lawsuit Explained.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I had no idea that Harlequin did this. Definitely a no-no of epic proportions.


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