Friday, October 29

Writer Beware

Plagiarism is rare but it happens.  Click here for the story of David Boyer, 'writer' and publisher and how he published other authors' work under his own name.  Thankfully he didn't get away with it.

Thursday, October 28

The dreaded synopsis

I just finished the synopsis for my book, "Until Death".  Putting it together was almost harder than writing the book!  Not only did it have to accurately reflect the book but it had to be sprightly and engaging.  Argh!  (I'm not saying that it _is_ sprightly and engaging, just that that was what I was aiming for.)

It feels good to be done, now I can catch up on some of the blogs I've been following. :)

Tuesday, October 26

Surrey International Writers' Conference

This past weekend I attended the Surrey International Writers' Conference.  I had never gone before and had no idea what to expect.  It was amazing!  It was great spending the weekend with other people who loved to both read and write.  I enjoyed discussing plot lines and characterization, the writing market today, the pros and cons of independent publishing, etc., with other writers.  I especially loved the workshops and feel that I learned much that can I can use to improve my writing in the coming year. 

I'm looking forward to attending the conference next year, if I can come up with the money.

Saturday, October 2

My new blogging home

My first post on blogger!  For the last couple of months I have been blogging on my site but noticed the great doodads Blogger provided and was seduced.

I'll see if I can copy my old posts over here and post-date them.  If I can't, oh well.