Monday, July 9

Twylah: Turn Your Tweets Into A Blog

I was surfing the electronic currents of the web when I chanced upon Elisabeth Spann Craig's Twylah page. It looks incredible! I signed up too and today received my own Twylah Page. I'm thrilled to bits.

For some time now I've been looking for a program that could do two things: first, show which of my tweets were the most popular and, second, display them in a blog-like interface.

Tweets and popularity
I've often wanted a quick way of determining which of my tweets were the most popular--I guess this is known as 'trending'. After all, I don't want to bore anyone! It's true, there are a number of programs that will tell you how many times a certain tweet has been retweeted (for instance Topsy Labs Social Analytics and Tweetreach) but, in my opinion, they lack clarity. That said, I love Topsy Analytics and use it all the time to find who is re-tweeting my tweets as well as interesting people to follow.

Blog-like interface for tweets
I'm not complaining about Twitter's interface. I like it that I can go to my twitter account and see a timeline of my tweets. I can't tell you how many times my cat has jumped onto my keyboard while I'm composing a Tweet and I need to find out whether it was cancelled or published prematurely.

That said, it would be handy to have an attractive visual interface which allowed a user to take in my most re-tweeted tweets at a glance.

I've only just received my Twylah page so all I can give you are my first impressions. I'll write again about my experience with the service after I've used it for a while.

If you'd like to try out Twylah, here's the link: Twylah. The service is still in beta so you have to request an invite, but I got mine after two or three days.

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  1. Why stop at Twitter... Checkout

  2. Hi Robin, thanks for the link to your page at

    There's an excellent article about RebelMouse over at Business Insider. It's described as having "elements of Flipboard, Tumblr, Pinterest, and even About me". Here's the link:

    If anyone wants to sign up--it's still in beta--go to and get started by signing up with your Twitter or Facebook account.

  3. Hi Karen n Robin,

    Why not take it to next level organize Twitter, Facebook and others into interests, topics, key mentions (which are not just frequency based). This makes whole experience more organized. Take a peek at Actwitty. as a sample page

    Looking for your opinion.

  4. Thanks Anon, I'm always interested in new ways to display my Tweets.

    1. Great, lets see how you feel about it.

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