Wednesday, July 4

The BlaBla Meter, Test Your Prose For Meaningfulness

I love this tool! From the site:
How much bullshit hides in your text?
PR-Experts, politicians, ad writers or scientists need to be strong here! BlaBlaMeter unmasks without mercy how much bullshit hides in any text.

A useful tool for everyone involved in writing!

Simply copy your text into the white field and check your writing style. It works with English text up to 15.000 characters (overhead will be cut off). For a meaningful result we recommend a minimum length of 5 sentences.
This is a fun way to spend 5 minutes, and there's the possibility of learning something. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

To try it out, go here: BlaBlaMeter.

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  1. Phuny...too bad it doesn't highlight the bull and spit it out at you. So I get .22...where's the bull?


    1. Yes, well, mileage will vary. I'm not sure what algorithm(s) it's using, but my guess is padding words such as "that", adverbs (especially those ending in -ly) and so on, will drive up the score.

      My guess is it's just a bit of fun and not terribly meaningful.

  2. I ran into this tool on StumbleUpon. Too bad it's too vague to be more than a fun site to run text to when you want to have a little fun.

  3. Well, sure. But it has potential. Perhaps they'll upgrade it one day, who knows.

  4. My Bullshit Index was 0.04 with the comment "Your text shows no or marginal indications of 'bullshit'-English."
    Is this a good sign?

    1. This may give you an idea, if you paste in the text I quoted, you get the same message with an index of 0.16. Pretty good, I'd say. :)

  5. Cannot understand what is the highest rank. Is it 0.01 or 10?

    I think it's meaningless.


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