Friday, October 19

Surrey International Writers' Conference 2012

Surrey International Writers' Conference 2012

I'm attending my third Surrey International Writers' Conference (#SiWC2012) today but will be back Monday. I'll still post articles Saturday and Sunday. They're already written and the system should (cross fingers) send them out automatically.

I'll try to send updates from the conference, but we'll have to see how that goes.

I haven't decided which workshops to attend, there are so many wonderful choices! Here's Friday's schedule.
Diana Gabaldon

To give you a sense of the conference, here's a link to one of my posts from last year based on Robert J. Wiersema's workshop, Don't Flinch: SiWC 2011 Day One, Part Two: Don't Flinch: Robert Wiersema.

Here is my account of two other workshops I attended last year:
- SiWC 2011 Day One, Part Three: The Psychology of Plotting, Michael Slade
- SiWC 2011 Day One, Part Four: The Inner Journey, Donald Maass

If you have the opportunity to attend a writing conference in your area I highly recommend it. It's wonderful to connect and learn from other writers.

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