Sunday, October 21

Donald Maass: Your Writing Matters, Dig Deep And Change The World

Donald Maass: Your Writing Matters, Dig Deep And Change The World

Donald Maass gave the final keynote address at this year's Surrey International Writers' Conference. His theme: Your writing matters, dig deep and change the world!

It was the perfect way to end the conference and unleash all 800 of us upon an unsuspecting populace. (grin)

I'm exhausted, but I enjoyed myself immensely. I learnt a ton and had the thrill of recognizing many faces among the crowd and renewing those friendships as well as creating new ones.

I have SO MUCH to tell you! I took notes till my hand ached, but I'll start with that tomorrow.  Right now I'll just say that one of my posts will be about Orson Scott Card's MICE method. Mary Robinette Kowal talked about this in her class on The Mysteries of Outlining.

Let me just say: wow! MICE is going to change the way I write. Ever had trouble deciding how a story will begin? Where it will end? That's always been tricky for me. Often there are several points that could serve as an opening. I've also had trouble with endings. What kind of an ending should it be? WHERE should it be? I have the tendency to start a short story and finish a novel because it just kept going.

I have to stop writing now because I want to publish this before 5 pm pacific time. Talk to you tomorrow.

Cheers! :-)

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  1. Now you've got me curious about this MICE method! ;)

    SiWC was excellent, and Don Maass's keynote really was a terrific note to end on. So good!

    1. Yes, it was terrific! I'm already planning for next year. :)


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