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Book Review Blogs That Accept Self-Published Work

Book Review Blogs That Accept Self-Published Work

Book reviews help sell books, but many book review blogs won't review independently published work.

For the past few months I've been thinking about putting together a directory of book review sites that accept indie/self-published books but I haven't been able to find many.

Well! Yesterday I found two database sites that only list blogs that will accept independently published work. These include sites that mainly review traditionally published novels but will evaluate self-published work on a case by case basis. Also, these database sites have a strict policy: no site they list charges for a review.

Book Review Databases That Accept Independently Published Work

The Indie Book Blog Database

Site owner Jennifer Hampton writes:
As an indie/self-published author, getting a book review can be very difficult. With ebook publishing on the rise, many companies are taking struggling independently published authors for granted to cash in on this.  You should never pay for book reviews! A false book review can tarnish your reputation. Having your amazon self published title flooded with reviews that aren’t honest and un-biased can ultimately ruin your writing career. I know how hard it is; I’m a self-published Author myself. Without reviews you can barely get noticed as an author. This is why I’ve developed the Indie Book Blog Database.

At the Indie Book Blog Database you can find hundreds of well-established book blogs that will read and review your books for free! That’s right for free! You may not get your books reviewed over night, many of the reviewers here get flooded with review requests. One thing you have to remember: This is a free service and many reviewers do this for a hobby. (The Indie Book Blog Database, About)

The Indie View

The Indie View "ranks within the Top Ten of Book Review sites on Google, globally". Nice!
To be on this list the Indie Reviewer has to be:
- Actively posting reviews
- Review eBooks
- Not charge for their reviews
- Not be affiliated to a publisher
- Have submission guidelines in place for an Indie author to submit an eBook
- Putting a link back to TheIndieView on their site
Read more here: The Indie Reviewers List.

Book Review Database That May Or May Not Take Indie Published Books

Fyrefly's Book Blog

This is a massive database containing all book blogs. There is no master list of blogs since it contains more than 1,800 book review sites, so you have to use the search function. This is from the "Book Blogs Search" page:
If you’re looking for book reviewers to whom you can pitch your latest book, using the search engine as a search is a more efficient way to go about it than clicking alphabetically down the big list. Just search for a few titles that you consider similar to your book, see which bloggers are coming up in the search results as having reviewed (and liked) them, et voila! A customized, targeted list of bloggers that are predisposed to enjoy your book!
Best of luck!

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  1. Hi there,

    thank you for your article. I run a blog with reviews for indie books myself and found it hard to find similar blogs.

    I read everything from short stories over novellas to books; mainly fantasy but i try out every other genre if someone asks me to review his or her book. Though I write my reviews in german I also read english books (in fact, right now I have more reviews on english books than on german books on my blog).
    I do not! take money for the reviews, that's for sure. I only want to get the ebook from the author (via Mail or with an amazon coupon).

    So, if you are an indi author and want a book review feel free to contact me (or watch my blog first to see if you'd like to have a review on your book on it):

    Right now I'm a bit busy with preparation for the NaNo next month, but I try to get two reviews (Monday and Friday) online per week. It depends on how many authors ask me to review their book but til now I never had one wyiting for more than two or three weeks.

  2. Thanks, Karen! You've done a great service to independent publishers and self-published authors.

    1. Thanks for the comment Glenn, glad you liked it. :)

  3. Thanks! What a great resource.

    1. Thank you! And, yes, I love it that these dedicated folks have compiled this information and made it available--for free!

  4. Thank you so much! I'm a self-published author and it is very frustrating to see so many sites that say "do not review self-published or indie works". This is a great resource, thank you. :) I also run a book blog and will review traditional or self-published works.

  5. I would very much like you to review my book, "Song of the Koel," by Geetha Patel (my pen name) It will be on Amazon within two weeks. How do I go about getting you the ebook coupon. I am quite new to this and it is my first novel, self published through the Friesen Press. Thank you. Gertrude

    1. Hi Gertrude, I'm sorry--I would love to read your book!--but I can't. I get so many requests that, if I read and reviewed each book offered, I'd have no time left over to write my own. All the best.


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