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Amazon's KDP Select Program: The Power Of Free

Amazon's KDP Select Program: The Power Of Free

From Forbes regarding Amazon's KDP Select program:
... Amazon is using “free” in a novel way – to level the playing field between large publishers and self-published authors. The open question is whether this is just to improve Amazon’s store of proprietary content or if it’s a radical play to totally disintermediate publishing. Either way, Amazon has built an economic and promotional model for self-publishing that is too compelling for any author not signed with a six-figure advance by a big publisher to ignore. Remember that Kindle books are not just read on Kindles but on any device with the Kindle app – including iPads, iPhones and Android phones.
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The second reason an author might choose KDP Select and promote his book for free has to do with cross-selling. Many of the most successful indie authors are selling a series, not a single book. (Barbara Freethy is a good example.) By using the KDP select program, they effectively “sample” their newest book for free, enticing readers to engage in the series and purchase the previous books.

Read the rest here: How Amazon Quietly Subverts Bestseller Lists With Kindle's KDP Select. Thanks to PG for the link.

I think a verdict, a consensus of sorts, is emerging regarding KDP Select. If you're an author who is relatively unknown then KDP Select is well worth trying out, especially since it only requires a three month commitment. You'll have five free days and, with any luck, you'll get thousands of downloads. This will give you much needed exposure and you might be into some "also bought" lists.

On the other hand, if you already have a following then having your books in every online store may have more value since you've already been discovered and your readers are actively looking for your work.

Ultimately, I think a mixed strategy will probably be the way to go.

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