Monday, September 3

And Now For Something Completely Different

Yesterday I watched this YouTube video in which Jonathan Harris, Co-Creator of We Feel Fine, Founder of Cowbird, talks about his creative life. One of his many richly imaginative projects struck a resonant chord with me.

And Now For Something Completely Different
The Ephemera Project

Beginning when JH was 30, he blogged once a day taking as his subject one of his photos. In addition, he would share whatever thoughts or feelings were related to the picture. (At least, that's how I understand it.) His musings could include poetry, or a part of a story, or ... well, anything. The goal was to preserve a memory. He said he stopped the project abruptly when he began to feel like an observer in his own life as opposed to an active participant.

While I have no plans to alienate myself in my own skin, I thought this would be an interesting project, though not for this blog. And not everyday! I have a blog over on my website,, where I'll be posting these odd reminiscences as well as other irreverent and irrelevant details about my life as an independent writer living in Vancouver BC.

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