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Harper Voyager Open To Unagented Submissions For 2 Weeks

Harper Voyager Open To Unagented Submissions For 2 Weeks

Who is accepting submissions:
Harper Voyager

When to submit:
October 1 through October 14th

Where to submit:

What sort of submissions:
We’re seeking all kinds of adult and young adult speculative fiction for digital publication, but particularly epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural. For more idea of the type of books we love to read and publish, check out our authors and their titles at
How to submit your manuscript:
To submit, go to and follow the instructions to fill out the form and upload your manuscript.

Due to time constraints, we will not be able to respond to every query. If you do not receive a response after three months, unfortunately that means your story is not right for us this time.
Why is Harper Voyager allowing unagented submissions for two weeks and then only publishing ebooks?
The growth of eReaders and e-books have created an exciting new opportunity that allows us to begin increasing the number and diversity of our speculative fiction list. And speculative fiction readers are the most savvy early adopters so we’re keen to provide our readers with the best ebooks possible.
Read more here: Harper Voyager Guidelines for Digital Submission – Accepting Manuscripts from October 1st – October 14th, 2012!. Thanks to The Passive Voice Blog for mentioning this opportunity.

Harper Voyager plans to release one book a month. Initially the books will be published as ebooks but if one does well a print copy will be issued.

Good luck!

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  1. While I'm sure many authors are going to "jump" at this I ask you to consider that the playing field in the digital world is pretty level for traditional and self. Just keep in mind you're going to be trading a 70% royalty for 17.5% royalty. And self are selling comparably (in numbers) to traditional in this space...50% of the Amazon Epic Fantasy list is self-published, the other 50% is traditional.

    Just something to consider.

    1. Very true, but some folks prefer to go the traditional route to publication. As the saying goes, different strokes ...

      Thanks for your comment.


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