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7 Basic Plot Types

7 Basic Plot Types

Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing is one of my favorite blogs. Why? Because of articles like this: Writing Inspiration: The Seven Basic Plot Types.

In Plot Types Marissa explores the various plot types and gives examples. For instance:

The Quest:

This plot is self-explanatory. Think LORD OF THE RINGS, MISS RUMPHIUS, and THE LIGHTNING THIEF. In this type of story, a character sets off on a journey of some sort. She has a goal in mind and it is often difficult to reach. She must overcome obstacles and face strong opposition before she can emerge victorious.

Voyage and Return:

In this plot type, the protagonist has endured a quest, and must now return to her previous life. Whether she is returning from a distant land or a magical one, the contrast between life during the journey and the home she once knew reveals a deeper understanding she has attained. Examples would be the WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Overcoming the Monster

Dum dum... dum dum... you can almost hear the music to Jaws. The protagonist will eventually face the almighty creature who seems impossible to beat. That creature may take the form of another living being, or an entity. Classics such as HANSEL AND GRETEL, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, and FRANKENSTEIN fit this mold.
Read the rest here: The Seven Basic Plot Types.

Question: Which plot type was the last book you read?

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