Writing Coach

What A Writing Coach Can Do For You

Want to finish your story but it's not coming together? Or perhaps it's done but it feels there's something not quite right about it?

In every writer’s life there comes a point when coaching can help. (By the way, "coaching" is often another way to talk about what a good content or developmental editor does.)

When it comes to our own writing it is difficult for us to be objective. The story lives in our heads, our hearts. We can’t see it the way someone coming to the text for the first time can.

A writing coach is a bit like a midwife, but instead of delivering a beautiful, squalling baby into the world, she helps deliver a story.

Perhaps you’re at a place in your writing project where you’ve lost the thread. It happens. Perhaps you need help keeping on track.

A writing coach can be many things, wear many hats, depending on what would help. Each writing coach has his or her own individual strengths.

As you can see from my blog I’m fascinated by structure and its role in telling an entertaining story. Often, though, the most important part of the process can be setting realistic writing goals, and then keeping at it and achieving them. If find that it often helps me if there's someone to remind me of my goals and encourage me to meet them. I like helping others do the same thing!

My goal: I want you to write a story that, when it's finished, you're thrilled to have written.

If you would like to talk to me about what a writing coach could do for you contact me. I’d love to chat with you.