Thursday, August 25

Stephen King on his new talk show: We're a little to the left, but we're right

Stephen King is one of my favorite writers so this bit of news caught my eye. I'm going to see if I can't tune into the station using one of my nifty iPad apps.
BANGOR, Maine -- Stephen King is offering an antidote to what he sees as the biases of right-wing radio talk shows by hiring a former Green Party vice presidential candidate to co-host a morning talk show on two stations he owns.

In a rare public appearance, the horror writer held a news conference Tuesday in Bangor, Maine, at the headquarters of his three-station Zone Radio network.

"The Pulse Morning Show" will be co-hosted by 50-year-old Pat LaMarche and 43-year-old Don Cookson, a former television reporter. LaMarche ran for vice president as a member of the Green Party in 2004.

During the news conference King said, "We're a little to the left, but we're right."

The show will begin airing on WZON-AM and WZON-FM at 6 a.m. on Sept. 12.
Read more at the Sacramento Bee, here.


  1. Oh...I love Stephen King! Thanks for the scoop.

  2. Thanks! Isn't it great? I'm going to see if there isn't a way to listen to the show, perhaps the radio station keeps a digital archive. I'll post if I find out anything.


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