Saturday, August 6

The Changing Face of Technology

I read an article today about how in the future we could be using the iPhone 8 as a gaming console. I can imagine that easily today but if someone had suggested it to me even a year ago I would have looked at them like they were a few fries short of a happy meal.

Technology is changing fast. In 2007 Amazon came out with the Kindle reader and then, in 2009, the Kindle 2. Not surprisingly 2009 is also the year self-publishing started to take off.

What will the future hold in store for writers? I look forward to finding out.


  1. Rumor has it, Amazon is coming out with a pad similar to the iPad. I'm looking forward to seeing that. Also looking forward to a color/touchscreen kindle. I know, I'm greedy.

  2. Me too! I looked at the Kobo yesterday and was amazed to find that it has a touch screen. I love using my fingers to navigate; it's much more intuitive and downright cool!


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