Friday, May 13

How to help make your book an Amazon bestseller: the Importance of Tags

Amazon uses tags to determine which books to recommend, as well as their placement in bestseller lists. As such, tags can help a book climb to bestseller status or condemn it to languish in obscurity.

Nick Daws, in his article How to Use Tags to Help Sell Books or E-Books on Amazon, gives the following advise on which tags to use:

1. Use your own name. This will make it easier for fans to find all your books.
2. Be specific. If you wrote about birds don't just use the tag "Birds," also use what type of birds, "Bluebird" and "Crow", for example.
3. Use the town/city where the novel took place as a tag.
4. "Use tags that have been applied to popular titles similar to yours." Looking at other books, especially popular ones similar to yours, is a good way to get ideas for tags.

I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about tagging on Amazon and its importance to sales to read Nick Daws's article.


  1. I just figured out Amazon's tags. I didn't know they were so important, but I guess they are. My book Cold Faith and Zombies has over 50 zombie tags and I still can't find it in a search. Then again there are thousands of zombie books out there. Next time I'm using mummies.

    Thanks for the follow, Karen!

  2. Hi Sean, thanks for the comment! Love the first line of Cold Faith and Zombies (awesome title, btw):

    "A high-pitched scream went off in the distance like a noon whistle, slicing through the falling snow outside."

    Best of luck. :)


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