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How To Create A Paragraph Style In MS Word

How To Create A Paragraph Style In MS Word

a. On 'the ribbon' you'll see an area marked "Styles", click on the arrow in the lower right corner (see Figure 1).

How to create a paragraph style in MS Word
Figure 1: Click to enlarge

b. This will bring up the Styles window (see Figure 2).

MS Word 2007 Styles Window
Figure 2: Click to enlarge

c. On the bottom right of the Styles Window there is a button with what looks like a double "A" on it (see Figure 3). That is the New Style button. Click it.

Figure 3: Click to enlarge

d. This will bring up the window: Create New Style from Formatting (see Figure 4). That's it!

Create New MS Word Style
Figure 4: Click to enlarge

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