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Writing Links: Blogs For Writers

Writing Links: Blogs For Writers

Yesterday someone asked what blogs I read. "Ah hah!" I exclaimed, frightening the cat trying to drape itself over my keyboard, "That would make an excellent subject for a blog post!"

These are the blogs I read most often. (Links are listed in no particular order.)

Blogs On The Craft Of Writing

- A Newbies Guide to Publishing
- Dean Wesley Smith
- Kris Writes
- The Passive Voice Blog
- Elizabeth S. Craig (Elizabeth also tweets links to fantastic articles about writing.)

More Blogs On Writing

- The Other Side of the Story
- Lindsay Buroker
- The Creative Penn
- Jim C. Hines
- Storyfix (screenwriting)
- The Script Lab (screenwriting)
- Writer Beware Blogs
- Terribleminds (Chuck Wendig is a terrific writer--and his blog is worth reading for that alone--but Chuck's posts are rarely PG 13.)
- Writer Unboxed
- Nathan Bransford's Blog
- John Ward (This isn't a link to a blog, it's to John's Google+ feed. John doesn't always post about writing but he has great content. He is head of a sprawling, very active, Google+ community of writers.

Blogs About Topics Related To Writing

- Penelope Trunk's Blog (What I like most about Penelope's blog is that she gives lots of links and they are almost always quirky and interesting.)
- Seth Godin's Blog

I'm sure I've missed many great blogs. If I missed yours, sorry!

Which writing blogs to do you read? Where do you get your inspiration from?

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- Ready. Set. Write!
- The Structure Of Short Stories
- Getting Ready for 2013: A Writer's Guide

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