Wednesday, May 30

Mr. Monk's Final Case?

I love the Monk stories. I watched the TV series from the beginning to the tear-soaked end and read the books so, naturally, it was with sadness that I heard Lee Goldberg has penned his last Monk novel. He writes:
My seven year, three episode, fifteen book relationship with Adrian Monk has ended. I've just finished writing my last book in the series, Mr. Monk Gets Even, and I will be sending it to my editor next week after taking one last pass through it (don't despair -- the book series may continue with another writer).
- Mr. Monk and the Happy Ending
I know Lee Goldberg's retirement from the Monk series doesn't necessarily mean the end of the books, but no one will be able to write them like he did.

Fortunately, Mr. Goldberg has started another series, The Dead Man Series. I have these books on my to-read list, right after I finish his last Monk books.

Lee Goldberg's website:

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