Tuesday, February 28

Church of Trees, Belgium

I just signed up for Pintrest and came across this amazing picture:

My guess is that it was touched up with Photoshop, but still. Completely incredible.

Update: The original picture was taken down, this one is from here: Church of Trees.


  1. Welcome back, Karen!

    This is truly a beautiful image, but I believe that your suspicions are right. While looking at the trees in the foreground, the pruned branches are very high and the knots are big, so I can imagine the size of those branches! The machinery would have been impressive. Yet, the use of perspective and color makes this a beautiful photograph. :D

  2. Hi Jeffrey! Good eye, yes, the pruned branches are suspiciously high. I would be wonderful, though, if it were a real place; a sanctuary in the woods.

    Thanks for the comment. :-)

  3. I live here in Belgium. It's not photoshopped.

    1. Well, it's beautiful. I wonder what part of the country it comes from; if I'm ever in Belgium one day, I'd love to see it.

    2. I would also want to know where it is...

    3. Hi Tim, I've been meaning to hunt down where this picture was taken, so thanks for leaving your comment, it game me the incentive I needed!

      It seems that this picture may have been taken in Brugge, Belgium. See:

      I googled Brugge and it looks magnificent. Gorgeous!



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