Wednesday, November 2

Social Media: StumbleUpon: It works!

Derek Haines loves StubleUpon and here's why:
My blog completely froze and gave me a ‘Page Cannot Be Loaded’ message. So off I went on an immediate hunt to find out why. It took me some time because I was looking in all the wrong places, and even if I had an inkling of the problem I wouldn’t have known how to go about remedying it anyway. Therefore I didn’t find the problem and decided to try another alternative. Wait half an hour and see what happened.

During that half an hour I popped into Stumbleupon by sheer chance. There at the top of my page was my problem. My server had been hit by over 1,500 visitors in less than fifteen minutes. Yes, from Stumbleupon. As my site is on a very normal everyday type server, this was a bit too much for it to handle. But what a nice problem to have.
Read the entire article over at Derek Haines' blog, The Vandal: Blogging -- The Stumbleupon Effect.

Lately I have been studying ways to drive traffic to my blog but hadn't seriously considered StumbleUpon and, if not for Derek's article, likely wouldn't have for quite some time. Thanks Derek! I think that reading other writer's blog posts is the most useful thing I do all day.

Another site that is worth checking out, if you haven't already, is I mentioned to someone the other day and they rolled their eyes at me.

"No one reads Fark anymore," they said with pitying condescension.

We'll see about that! I thought and marched home where I compared to using Google Trends.

They were right! Well, not completely right, as you can see is trending down as well, but, nevertheless, I was surprised by the result and learnt something.

My goal for the day is going to be to learn more about StumbleUpon.


  1. Hi Karen, I recently received the Liebster Blog Award and when prompted to find 5 other blogs/bloggers that I would like to share it with, I thought of your blog as posts like this one are very relevant to us bloggers and informative.

    To get your award go to and you’ll find all the information about the Liebster Blog Award and what you’ve got to do with it there.

    All the best with your writing :)

    Between The Lines

  2. How lovely! Thanks Maxine, and thank you for the kind words. I look forward to passing it along to five lucky people. :)


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