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Friday, December 21

Writing Links: Blogs For Writers

Writing Links: Blogs For Writers

Yesterday someone asked what blogs I read. "Ah hah!" I exclaimed, frightening the cat trying to drape itself over my keyboard, "That would make an excellent subject for a blog post!"

These are the blogs I read most often. (Links are listed in no particular order.)

Blogs On The Craft Of Writing

- A Newbies Guide to Publishing
- Dean Wesley Smith
- Kris Writes
- The Passive Voice Blog
- Elizabeth S. Craig (Elizabeth also tweets links to fantastic articles about writing.)

More Blogs On Writing

- The Other Side of the Story
- Lindsay Buroker
- The Creative Penn
- Jim C. Hines
- Storyfix (screenwriting)
- The Script Lab (screenwriting)
- Writer Beware Blogs
- Terribleminds (Chuck Wendig is a terrific writer--and his blog is worth reading for that alone--but Chuck's posts are rarely PG 13.)
- Writer Unboxed
- Nathan Bransford's Blog
- John Ward (This isn't a link to a blog, it's to John's Google+ feed. John doesn't always post about writing but he has great content. He is head of a sprawling, very active, Google+ community of writers.

Blogs About Topics Related To Writing

- Penelope Trunk's Blog (What I like most about Penelope's blog is that she gives lots of links and they are almost always quirky and interesting.)
- Seth Godin's Blog

I'm sure I've missed many great blogs. If I missed yours, sorry!

Which writing blogs to do you read? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Other articles you might like:

- Ready. Set. Write!
- The Structure Of Short Stories
- Getting Ready for 2013: A Writer's Guide

Photo credit: "READING A BOOK.." by LUNARIX-PIX under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

Friday, June 10

Self-Publishing Tips

Here's a great article by Marie Force on how to format a manuscript for Amazon: Self-Publishing Tips for the Uninitiated.

Also, I would like to recommend Zoe Winter's book, Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author. I have read this book and use it now as a reference.

Although not about the nuts and bolts of formatting, etc., Joe Konrath's blog, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, is a must read for anyone thinking of independently publishing their work. Not only will it introduce you to other indie authors but Joe gives excellent advice on how to market your book(s).

Although not directly related to self-publishing, Dean Wesley Smith's blog, especially his Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing series, contains invaluable information about the business of writing. After reading his blog posts, I'll never think about writing the same way again.

Dean's wife, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, has her own blog where she discusses, among other things, the business of publishing (contracts, etc.)

Another blog I have found a wealthy of information on is The Passive Voice, especially when it comes to anything to do with contracts.

There are many more blogs I want to include here but I need to run or I will be late for my day job! Cheers!