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Saturday, June 16

4 iPad Apps For Writers

The following is from
There’s a writer in all of us, or so the saying goes, and in this day and age of modern technology and mobile computing, more people are considering this true. People update blogs from their smartphones while commuting to work on the train, and use their tablets to continue the next great American novel in every location from home to coffee shops to church on Sunday.

Since its inception and wide availability, writers of all kinds have embraced the Apple iPad. It’s smaller and lighter than a laptop and as conveniently portable as anything on the market today. Here’s a look at some of the top writing apps for the iPad, each designed to help you be the best writer possible…
Read more here: 4 of the Best iPad Apps for Writers

The iPad apps in question are: Pages, My Writing Spot, Chapters--Notebooks for Writing, Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus.

I have Pages on my iPad and I use it constantly. Great app. The other ones I've never used, but I'm tempted by the dictionary app.

Hope you find something to make your writing life easier. Cheers.

Friday, September 2

48 of the best iPad Apps: Many of them free!

As a Canadian writer -- and therefore by definition poor -- I get excited about free! Here's a list of 48 iPad apps starting with BRITISH LIBRARY 19TH CENTURY BOOKS. For this app, if you choose not to subscribe, you only get access to 100 books. But, still!

Here's the article: The 48 Best iPad Apps

Monday, August 8

iPad Apps for Writers

I felt it was time for another post about iPad apps. Or, in this case, a post about posts about iPad apps!

1) Debbie Ohi, iPadGirl, has written the most compressive listing of iPad apps for writers I've seen. She breaks her post into sections such as, Writing & Project Management Apps I Use The Most Right Now, and Notetaking Apps For Writers Who Prefer Writing By Hand, to name only two of the seven categories she discusses. She talk about 30+ apps. Well worth the read. Apps discussed: SimpleNote, iAWriter, Notebooks, Pages, Evernote, Appigo's To Do, Elements, Manuscript for iPad, to name only a few.

 Read Debbie's post here: iPad Apps For Writers

2) Although only two iPad Apps are compared, iA Writer and PlainText, I think I would be hard pressed to come up with a better comparison and analysis. As a result of reading this blog post I installed PlainText. It's a great little app and, hey, it's free!

Read Alex Layne's post here: iPad Writing Apps: PlainText vs. Writer

Alex's conclusion?
Honestly, I think both apps are great. PlainText has better organization and Dropbox integration, but Writer has a more focused environment and better typography.