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Sunday, October 9

Joe Konrath: Hiatus Part Deux

In about 24 hours Joe Konrath received over a hundred guest posts! Unless Joe intends to be on Hiatus a long, long, time he's never going to be able to use that many. Joe's idea is to put together an ebook. As he writes:
Over one hundred ebook authors writing about their personal publishing journeys. We'd all want to read that.
This is how he'd do it:
I'd write the intro, and put a few pieces in there, so it would be an ebook edited by J.A. Konrath & Rob Siders. So far, no one has written the definitive tome on ebook self-publishing. This could be it.

Rob does amazing work, and he's going to put in dozens of hours on this project, and he deserves to be paid. I'm not going to pay him, because I'm not going to make any money on this. I'm just the figurehead.

So this is my proposal. I think this ebook should be priced at $2.99, and Rob keeps the money.

If you're a writer who sent me a guest blog, I'm sure part of the reason you did it was to reach my readers and publicize your ebook.

An ebook collection would work in the same way. You get the exposure and links to your titles, Rob gets paid for the untold hours he has to put in, and I don't have to disappoint anyone.

I don't pay people for guest blogs. And I've always allowed people to repost my blog entries on their blogs (or in their how-to books) for free, so I'm not asking you for anything you weren't already willing to give away.

I'll make zero money on this, but my name is pretty well-known, so you'll get your article in front of a lot of eyes. Your article, plus links to your ebooks and your websites and blogs.

Rob would be asking for non-exclusive rights, meaning you could use your piece elsewhere, and you could have it taken out of the collection at any time.
Sounds good to me! Read the rest here: Hiatus Part Deux

Saturday, October 8

Leader of the indie movement, Joe Konrath, goes on hiatus

I have screamed into the wind for a long time.
Screamed so loud, some have heard me.
But I'm tired of screaming.
I'm taking a hiatus from blogging for an indeterminate time. This indiestry (just coined that term) is sustainable without me.

- Joe Konrath, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, Hiatus
Joe has earned a break and I wish him well. But he continues:
However, I am going to open up this blog to writers, and let other people do the screaming for a while.

If you'd like to write a guest blog, email me your piece.
I'm glad I wasn't holding my coffee, I might have dropped it!

What sort of guest blogs is Joe looking for? Here is what I've gleaned from his post:

- You must share what you have learned about publishing.
- You must talk about your own story, your own writing journey. What have you done to sell your book(s)? What were the results? What would you change, if you had the chance? What are you thinking of trying in the future? What have you learned? What advice do you have for folks who are thinking of going indie?
- Keep your post under 1,200 words.

In Joe's words: "Show me, and the world, whatcha got."

Although I eagerly await reading about what other indie authors have tried, I hope that Joe starts blogging again soon.

You can read Joe's entire article here: Hiatus