Friday, October 14

My State of the Union

I haven't blogged for a couple of days, I'm sorry about that. Making at least one blog post a day is a priority for me and I wanted to let everyone know what's up.

My Dad is ill. I've shared this was some of you, usually I've just said I have a family emergency. After a decades long fight with kidney disease, my father's kidneys are failing. A week or so ago a nurse told me Dad's kidneys were very close to ... well, she just said that he would probably need to be rushed to the hospital sometime in the next two weeks. Hopefully, with the aid of a kidney machine, my Dad still has time left.

Obviously this is an emotional time for me, but it is also a busy one. My mother passed away in January and I have no siblings. My father is nearly blind -- I suspect he is legally blind -- and is hard of hearing, so he needs an attendant for his appointments. I do this gladly, but between taking care of my father and working, I have less time to write.

SO! Wow, I feel bad about dumping all that on you. Are you ready to hear my solution to my time problems? Here it is: Video blogging.

I'm a slow writer. I make slugs look like cheetahs by comparison. That was one reason I took up blogging; I figured I couldn't spend an eternity on a blog post and blog every day -- or even every week! And yet, I've managed to. Perhaps video blogging, as long as I don't read from a script, will help me to stop obsessing over every little thing. (A little voice is chuckling and saying, 'When pigs fly'. Whatev. ;)

My plan is to keep up with my links on Twitter, to keep posting about articles on my blog, and to begin posting perhaps a video a week. My videos will likely be sporadic and less than perfect, and I will deeply appreciate your patience as they improve.

I've felt guilty about not writing more personal posts, post like this one. Hopefully, video blogging will help with that. Also, I've discovered the Daily Post over at Wordpress. It's a blog that, each day, gives blogging suggestions for that day. I look forward to writing a couple of posts inspired by the topics of the day. And of course there's NaNoWriMo, I'm doing that this year; first time!

Reading over this post it looks as though I've explained why I don't have as much time as I used to and then decided to keep up with what I'm doing as well as add a whole bunch! lol Well, we'll see how that goes. Whatever happens, thanks for being understanding. :)



  1. 1) Yay for vlogging! As someone who's blog is always overly personal, I'm excited to see a little more YOU on your blog.

    2) You're doing NaNo?? Want a buddy?

    3) I've said it before, but sorry about your dad. Hope you can still make it to the conference next week so I can buy you a much-needed glass of wine :)

  2. Thanks Kim, I LOVE your blog and I never think it's overly personal.

    Yes! Let's be NaNo buddies! :-)

    Oh yes, fate allowing, I'm going to the conference. I've called in a few favors and a friend is on stand-by for that weekend. I've given them my Dad's medical history and a list of his doctors' numbers so they'll be able to handle minor emergencies. Much of my care is acting as Dad's medical memory, keeping track of his meds, which doctor he has seen when, what tests have been run with what results.

    I need that glass of wine! ;)

  3. Thank you for the follow on my blog.

    I'm very sorry about your dad, I lost my dad early this year. It's not an easy time for you and I wish you all the best.

  4. Hi Maxine, sorry to hear about your Dad. Thanks for your well-wishes, I do appreciate them.

  5. Good for you Karen, you'll never regret a minute spent with a loved one. I'll be looking for your future posts.

  6. Thanks Gene, I appreciate the comment. Just went over to your site and read your latest blog post. Had a much needed laugh. Thanks :)

  7. You have been a wonderful daughter. I am so sorry for both losses you suffered in a short period of time.

    I do blog about personal things, like my father's Alzheimer's from time to time. I sometimes have mixed feelings about that, but often just need to get it off my mind. I too have found the support of the blogging community to be incredible.

    Take all the time you need.

  8. Hi CM, thanks for you kind words. I'm sorry to hear that your dad is ill, it is so difficult to watch those you love suffer. My heart goes out to you.


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