Tuesday, October 4

10 best apps for the iPad2

I love these 10 Best lists! To this one, though, I'd add:

- Flipboard, free app which displays feeds from newspapers and magazines as well as your own social media feeds. I use it to view my Twitter feeds.

- Azul Media Player. Azul is $1.99 but it's the best media player I've used. I wish it could play .mkv files, but other than that it's great. (I did a review of Azul which you can see here.)

The ten apps are:
- iBooks
- Friendly for Facebook
- Pandora
- Angry Birds Free
- Skype
- Kayak
- The Weather Channel
- Movies by Flixster
- Evernote
- Netflix

For links and commentary, go on over to 10 Must-Have Free Apps for the iPad 2. Cheers!

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