Thursday, September 29

How Do Ebook Buyers Discover Books?

1. Recommendations from fellow readers on online message forums, blogs and message boards.

2. New books from a reader's favorite authors.

3. Random browsing. Readers look at book covers, reviews, download free samples.

Mark Coker conducted a survey and the above is an abridged report of what he found. Interestingly, bestseller lists weren't a major factor in how readers discovered new ebooks. (The graphic, above, expands if you click it. It lists the various ways ebook buyers discover ebooks.)

Read Mark Coker's post here: How Ebook Buyers Discover Books


  1. Interesting statistics. Actually, for me, they are very much on the spot. I can vouch for the #1 factor. That's how I got to know you and happily, your novel, Until Death.

    Social media offers some awesome marketing ideas for the aspiring and seasoned author...if it is done right. I applaud you with your blog in helping writers find their way in this adventure. Hopefully, we can all meet at the end of the rainbow together and share that pot of gold. Heck, I'd settle for silver. :)

  2. ... or copper, copper isn't bad. It sorta looks like gold and it's heavy. ;) I'd be good with that.

    Thanks Jeffrey! I couldn't be more happy (* knock on wood *) with my social media experience so far. It's wonderful the encouragement I've received from fellow writers such as yourself. With the expanding ebook market there's no reason why we can't all be successful, and the more we help each other the sooner that day will come!

  3. The advent of modern social media is...awesome. I really started writing seriously back in 1995 while taking a correspondence course from Writer's Digest, The Science Fiction Workshop. My instructor was Linda Nagata and she was great. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the course. She had just published, "The Bohr Maker," which is an excellent debut novel. The whole thing though, it was all "snail mail." You realize how painful it was to wait in between assignments to know how I did? Very! The internet is SO much better.

    Recently, I had correspondence with her on Twitter and Facebook. She said she vaguely remembers the WD's days and apologized for not remembering me too! That's okay, it had been a long time.

    She into self-publishing and started her own business I believe. You should check it out. She's at

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! I just looked at The Bohr Marker at Love the first line, "Just past dawn a dead man came floating down the river."

    Snail mail! * cringe * I've been spoiled by the instant access the web affords. In the 'old days' I would have had to walk to a bookstore and hope they carried Linda Nagata's backlist (which they probably wouldn't). Thanks for mentioning her site, now I'm following her on Twitter and Facebook. :)


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