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Monday, December 24

Christmas Eve And Lee Child's Jack Reacher

Christmas Eve And Lee Child's Jack Reacher

I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Eve!

No long blog posts today. I'm going to take a break, stretch out on the couch, read Jim Butcher's latest Dresden Files novel, Cold Days, and start on Guy Kawasaki's book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How To Publish A Book.

After that I'm looking forward to reading/devouring the second of Lee Child's Jack Reacher Novels, Die Trying. When the crowds die down I'm going to see the movie. Here's a clip:

Before watching this video I had thought the Reacher movie was based on Killing Floor, but it's based on One Shot. I might still try to read the Reacher books in order, just quickly. (grin) I can think of worse things to do over the holidays. ;)

In case you want to join me, here is the reading order for Lee Child's Jack Reacher books, courtesy of Goodreads:

    The Second Son (0.5)
1. Killing Floor
2. Die Trying
3. Tripwire
4. The Visitor (aka Running Blind)
5. Echo Burning
6. Without Fail
7. Persuader
8. The Enemy
9. One Shot
10. The Hard Way
11. Bad Luck and Trouble
12. Nothing to Lose
13. Gone Tomorrow
14. 61 Hours
15. Worth Dying For
16. The Affair
      Deep Down (16.5)
17. A Wanted Man

Tomorrow I'll cook turkey, stuffing (featuring bacon and spicy sausage--my philosophy is that the best thing with meat is more meat!) and all the rest of it. I'll drop by to say "Hi" and wish you well, and then I'll post about writing again after Christmas.

What are your plans for the holidays? What are you reading? I'm always looking for suggestions. :)

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Photo credit: "Christmas #19 - The Timberland Santa" by kevin dooley under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.