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Wednesday, March 20

Trying To Replace Duotrope? The (Submission) Grinder Is A FREE Database Of Fiction Markets

Trying To Replace Duotrope? The (Submission) Grinder is a FREE Database Of Fiction Markets

When Duotrope transitioned from a free to a subscription based service many writers began searching for an alternative.

The (Submission) Grinder

Here's one: The (Submission) Grinder.
The grinder is a submission tracker and market database for writers of fiction (non-fiction and poetry coming soon!). Use our extensive and powerful search engine to find a home for your work. With new features being added weekly we hope to provide a permanent and stable home for your submission tracking.

We believe the value of our product lies in its availability and as such The Grinder is and always will be free to all users for all features.
At the moment The (Submission) Grinder has information about 1539 (817 open) markets and has 601 users.

If you write fiction and can't bring yourself to subscribe to Duotrope, The (Submission) Grinder seems worth a look.

Thanks to +John Ward and +Doug Lance for spreading word about The Grinder.

Have you used The (Submission) Grinder? What did you think? Would you recommend the service?

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Thursday, August 16

Duotrope: Keep Track Of Your Submissions

Duotrope: Keep Track Of Your Submissions

From author Michael Haynes:
[T]hree benefits of using Duotrope:
  1. Market research and submission tracking. ... You can use Duotrope to research markets ... You can also track your submissions on the site; this allows you to easily avoid submitting two stories at the same time to a market which doesn't allow for this ... I do suggest that people have some kind of backup of this submission tracking data external to Duotrope, just in case something should happen ....
  2. Keeping track of upcoming deadlines. Duotrope has a Theme and Deadline Calendar feature which can help you keep track not just of themed deadlines like those I write about every Thursday but also when submission windows are closing for other publications.
  3. Spotting signs that a market might be having difficulty. Admittedly, this one involves making some educated guesses. But there's a lot of information around the response time statistics of markets which can be viewed on Duotrope. Often, before I submit to an unfamiliar market, I will look at the "Response Times" section of the market's Duotrope page and also click on the link on that market's page titled "View report of recent responses from this market." Between those two sets of data, I can see if it looks like the market has been doing a poor job of responding to recent submissions and that does sometimes influence my decision of which markets to prioritize.
Looks like a great service, and it's free! Read more about Duotrope over at Michael's blog: Three Benefits Of Using Duotrope.

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