Thursday, August 4

Writing Prompt: You Are Lost

Before I jog, I warm up by stretching. Before I begin my writing day, I often warm up by completing a writing prompt. For a year or so I posted a prompt a day on Google+. I loved reading the responses folks shared as much as I enjoyed crafting my own.

I decided to continue the practice by posting the occasional writing prompt, starting with this one:
You go for a hike and become irrevocably lost. It's twilight. The sounds of the forest turn from enchanting to ominous. A twig near you snaps, the sound echoing through the trees like a gunshot.

What do you do?
(My apologies. I said that today I would write about Stephen King's best advice for writers. At present I'm going through the slow torture of moving and life has become barely controlled chaos. I will write about Stephen King's advice on Monday.)

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