Thursday, August 8

Harper's Bazaar Holds A Writing Contest

I don't usually announce writing contests, but this one is from Harper's Bazaar and includes a couple of unusual prizes. Here's the scoop:
"Harper's Bazaar, the luxury fashion magazine, is giving writers a chance to submit a short story in their freshly launched literary prize competition.

"Harper's is inviting both published and novice writers to enter a 3,000 word short story on the subject of 'Spring'. 

"The winning writer will have the fantastic once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their story published in the May 2014 Harper's Bazaar issue and the privilege of choosing a first-edition book from Asprey's Fine and Rare Books Department to the value of £3,000. In addition, the lucky winner will enjoy a weeklong retreat at Eilean Shona House, on the 2,000-acre private island off the coast of Scotland."
A weeklong retreat on a private island off the coast of Scotland! That's my kind of writing retreat, though I'd doubt there would be much actual writing.

Before I leave, here's a bit more about the theme of the contest:
"The theme of inspiring literature is woven throughout the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar with a reprinted Virginia Woolf tale from the Bazaar archives, alongside a fashion piece by contemporary writer Margaret Atwood."
Where to submit your manuscript: Send your submission to Contest is closed on December 13, 2013.

Length of manuscript: 3,000 words maximum.

I wish I had a webpage I could direct you to but I heard about this contest from an email Harper's Bazaar sent me. Best wishes!

Photo credit: Copyright © Harper's Bazaar. Used with permission.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll spread the word. Saw your link in the #myWANA feed. Thanks, Karen!

  2. Wow awesome contest!

  3. There appears to be a typo on the email address: "hapers" should be "harpers"


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