Tuesday, November 27

Making Time To Write

Making Time To Write

It's difficult to find time to write, that's why we have to make time. Here are 9 was to do just that:

1. Around the house always have a notepad or laptop near at hand in case inspiration strikes.

2. Install a writing app on your phone or tablet.

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3. Throughout the day, when you have a spare moment, write a sentence or two.

For instance, perhaps you're standing in line to order lunch. Instead of being bored write a few sentences.

 If you take the bus, use that time to write.

4. Write at work

To start, go in 10 minutes eary and spend the time writing. Stay an extra 10 minutes after work and write.

After you get used to doing this you can lengthen the amount of time you write.

Hugo award winning author, Jim C. Hines, writes during his lunch hour.

5. Write while watching TV

Write during the commercials.

6. Plan your stories beforehand

Writing isn't just stringing words together, first and formost it is the creation of stories.

We first imagine what we later write, so the clearer idea you have of your story the better.

Before you start writing a scene decide:

- Who will be in the scene, the main characters at least.
- What the point of view (POV) character wants, what is his/her goal.
- How your POV character will fail to reach his/her goal and what will happen instead.
- What problem does your POV character's failure raise for the protagonist in the next scene?

You can decide all of this while folding laundry or taking a shower.

7. Keep a waterproof tablet in the shower.

Some of my best ideas come to me in the shower. Strange but true.

8. Always think about your story

Write down your answers to the questions in #6, above, on a piece of paper and pin it on the wall or take a picture of them and make it your screen saver.

9. Before you go to sleep ask your unconscious mind to work on whatever problems--plot holes, and so on--have cropped up.

Some of these ideas are from Rob Parnell's article Becoming a better writer.

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NaNoWriMo Update: I'm done! Yea! Finished yesterday. * Whew! * Now onto editing. :-)

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  1. I wanted to scream.

    The mind needs a rest.

    In the shower?

    Are you serious?

    I rarely disagree with you, so I know you're a genius...but...just MHO...if one has to go to these extremes, their life has more problems than finding time to write.

    I'm just ranting...as I do.


  2. I don't have a notebook in the SHOWER, but I do have one on the vanity. My brain drifts in the shower, it's the best time to come up with things.

    Actually, this is funny, I was in the shower yesterday, and I came up with an idea for a serialized story... probably 8-10 novellas in length. I jotted it down as I got out of the shower, and saw it last night when I got home from work. Now the cogs are really turning.


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