Thursday, March 29

Character Archetypes

The Matrix

Here (see below) are two links to pages that have an amazing amount of information on character archetypes.

I'm working on the fourth segment on my Starburst Writing Method (I must have a sweet tooth!) and went looking for examples of archetypes. These pages were too good to keep to myself so I'm sharing them with you.

1) TV Tropes: Archetypal Character
This site not only gives a definition for each archetype but it gives examples from Anime and Manga, Comic Books, Film, Literature, Theater, and so on.

2) Christopher Vogler's Character Archetypes
Here we find a list of Vogler's seven archetypes as well as the 12 stages of the hero's journey. If you haven't read Vogler's book, The Writer's Journey, I highly recommend it, but this page serves as a very nice summary.


Photo Credit: Story Fanatic; The Matrix

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