Tuesday, February 28

Church of Trees, Belgium

I just signed up for Pintrest and came across this amazing picture:

My guess is that it was touched up with Photoshop, but still. Completely incredible.

Update: The original picture was taken down, this one is from here: Church of Trees.


  1. Welcome back, Karen!

    This is truly a beautiful image, but I believe that your suspicions are right. While looking at the trees in the foreground, the pruned branches are very high and the knots are big, so I can imagine the size of those branches! The machinery would have been impressive. Yet, the use of perspective and color makes this a beautiful photograph. :D

  2. Hi Jeffrey! Good eye, yes, the pruned branches are suspiciously high. I would be wonderful, though, if it were a real place; a sanctuary in the woods.

    Thanks for the comment. :-)

  3. I live here in Belgium. It's not photoshopped.

    1. Well, it's beautiful. I wonder what part of the country it comes from; if I'm ever in Belgium one day, I'd love to see it.


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