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Donald Maass On Why Books Don't Sell

Donald Maass On Why Books Don't Sell
If you ever have the opportunity to hear Donald Maass speak I urge you to take it. Which isn't to say I agree with everything he says, but I've found that whatever he says is worth pondering.

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Today Denise Covey asks: "Why do some books not sell?" She writes:
... there are lots of reasons a book sells or doesn't sell, but it is universally agreed (and Maass makes this point) that 'Great novels not only draw us in immediately but command our attention. They not only hold our interest but hold us rapt.'
Yes, generating narrative drive is the key. It's just doing it that's the problem. (grin)

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Here are three things Donald Maass warns will prevent a reader from being pulled into a story:
Timid Voice - this DOES NOT command attention.

Untested Characters - Make sure your characters show spine, take courage, have high principles or face their deepest fears.

Overly Interior or Exterior Stories - Be the god of your story world. Interior stories need dramatic outward events. Dramatic outward events need to create a devastating interior impact.
I'll leave you with this promise:
Runaway success comes from great fiction, period. The publishing industry may help or hinder but cannot stop a powerful story from being powerful. -- Donald Maass

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  1. Great advice. I only wish it were longer but something to ponder upon the same.


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