Friday, September 23

Dan Wells On Writing A Short Story

I love advice on how to structure stories and I like Dan Well's system. Here's a talk Dan Wells gave at Life, The Universe, and Everything in early 2010.

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 1 of 5

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 2 of 5

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 3 of 5

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 4 of 5

Dan Wells on Story Structure, part 5 of 5


  1. Not only was this very informative but highly entertaining. I'll have to make sure to bookmark this so I can actually study this when I have more time. I've taken courses that have described different methods of story construction, but this seemed very logical.

    Thanks for finding this and sharing!

  2. Thanks Jeffrey, I'm constantly amazed by the great stuff available on the internet. One article leads to another and, before I know it, I'm viewing a series of videos about another way of viewing story construction. And it's free! :-)

  3. What a fabulous resource. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    1. My pleasure Fiona! I remember when I found these videos, I was very excited.

  4. These are great! I enjoy Dan's books and it's interesting to hear him talk about his structure. A perfect post for where I am at in my writing. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Abigail! All the best on your writing. :-)


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