Monday, June 20

Selling Stolen Books on

Two of Ruth Ann Nordin's books have been stolen and are, as of this writing, currently on sale at Amazon.

Here is a link to Ruth Ann Nordin's website and her blog where she is keeping readers up to date on her attempts at getting the fraudulent copies removed. She also wrote an article for the Self-Published Author's Lounge that gives the details of the thefts.

It is my understanding that the thief uploaded a copy of Mr. Nordin's books onto Amazon using Ruth Ann Nordin's name and is now receiving royalties on the sale of those books.

My sympathy goes out to Ms. Nordin and I hope that this situation is resolved quickly. I will keep this blog post updated as more information becomes available.

Thanks to Passive Guy for blogging about this.

Update (August 16, 2016):
The links from the Self-Published Author's Lounge no longer work so I've removed them.

Edit (June 22, 2011)
Ms. Nordin has left an update on this situation at the Self-Published Author's Lounge.

It is well worth the read but, as I understand it, Ms. Nordin says that, as of today Amazon has taken down the copies of her stolen books.

This is excellent news and I am glad that Amazon acted so quickly on Ms. Nordin's behalf.

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