Parts of Story: Tools of the Writer's Craft

I'm writing a book, Parts of Story: The Writer's Craft, that has morphed into a series. Yesterday (May 11, 2014) I published the first part of that series--Parts of Story: Plot--to Smashwords and this morning sent out a newsletter.

Everyone subscribed to my newsletter was offered a free copy of Parts of Series: Plot. That offer ends Monday, May 26, 2014 so if you have subscribed to my list but didn't receive an email, please let me know and I'll make sure you get the information.

EPISODE ONE: Parts of Story: Plot

- The Importance of Genre
- A Three Act Structure
- The Inciting Incident vs The Call To Adventure
- Scenes, Sequels And Sequences
- Scenes
- Sequels: Their Structure
- Sequels: Their Importance
- Stakes: How To Make Goals Matter
- Try-Fail Cycles
- How To Create Suspense
- The Preconditions For Suspense

Available At:

Amazon (coming soon)

EPISODE TWO (coming soon)

Part 2: Setting
- The Functions of Setting

Part 3: Characters
- Homo Sapiens vs. Homo Fictus
- Indirect vs. Direct Characterization
- Tags And Traits: The Dominant Impression
- The Character Logline

EPISODE THREE (coming soon)

Part 4: Point of View

Part 5: Theme

As a thank you to all my readers, for a limited amount of time (probably about a week) I will give each segment of Parts of Story, free, to any newsletter subscriber who would like a copy.

Copyright @ 2014 by Karen Woodward. All rights reserved.

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